Why is Everybody Obsessed with Clubhouse?

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Hi team,

another week has passed, and in a blink of an eye February is approaching. There has been a lot of pottering, a lot of thinking and definitely a heck of a lot of highlighting what the focus of Alt Marketing School should be (aside from the podcast) 👀

For that very own reason, we decided to discontinue Alt Marketing Pro to fully focus on what Alt Marketing School was meant to be from day one: our marketing qualification ⚡️

We have been gathering feedback (and will continue to do so) for a few more months, but being able to let go of something that was not my true vision meant I can now focus even more of our weekly episodes ...did I hear a BRAND new weekly appointment with 'marketing soundbites'? Watch out for those coming up on the podcast 🎙

If you'd like to join me LIVE to read through and comment on our news in brief you can find me on Clubhouse at 9.30am GMT (which coincidentally is also the topic of this week's podcast) 👇

Just follow the link below. Thank you so much for your support (onwards and upwards).


ps. our marketing report will also be out in the coming weeks, so watch out in your inbox for that as well 😉


Clubhouse App is an audio-only platform built and backed by tech investors. Since May 2020, this application has grown exponentially. Moving away from online video networking and Zoom filters, Clubhouse capitalises on audio content over any other format, opening a whole new way to deliver content and develop tough leadership.
Even more than looking at how entrepreneurs can make use of Clubhouse at this stage, it's interesting to see how Clubhouse managed to rise to the top and become the next word of mouth online sensation. In this episode, Fab shares some of her thoughts on the app as a newbie.



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