What the heck are Twitter 'Super followers'? 🐦

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Well awesome marketer, I am so excited today, I cannot even tell you (insert excitable GIF)

Short form video is here to stay (you heard it here first, kids). Facebook and Instagram are capitalizing big-time on Reels, so much so that there is exciting news on the horizon 😉

This week has been wild on social, even if Clubhouse and the ability to create Clubs has seemed to steal quite a few headlines (if you love marketing and would love to get more marketing inspiration, check out the Alt Marketing School Club!)

In the meantime, it looks like Twitter’s Super Followers idea may not have the legs they hoped it would, Burger King is desperately trying to recover from this tweet sent on International Women’s Day and Elon Musk is planning a Tesla social media app?

Yes, I am just as baffled as you are.

This week we talk about Instagram guides, what they are and why you should start using them for your business 📱

Onto our news for the week,



How to use Instagram guides for your business 📱

In this solo episode, Fab provides us with some fun ideas of how to make the most of Instagram guides for your business to build brand awareness and encourage conversions. Guides may not be as hyped as other features, but they can be really fun.


  • 🎥 It’s official, Facebook is banking on the popularity of Reels by tapping into cross-promotion, with the launch of a new option in India which will enable Reels users to also share their clips to Facebook as well.
  • 👍 Remember Instagram’s massive faux pas last week, when users found their likes were ‘missing’ for a whole day? Instagram has been testing hidden Like counts, yet the jury is still out of this. This week, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has provided some more insight into the hidden likes project, and why it’s still going, despite seemingly having run for the last year in some regions.
  • 👋 Create your own Club on Clubhouse. On Friday, March 5th, Clubhouse announced members can now freely create Clubs, without the painful roundabout way of having to request in a form and wait two weeks (or in my case six) before being able to set up a Club. Brands have been jumping at the opportunity, and we can definitely see this new feature catching on with the upcoming release of an Android app.
  • ❤️️ Disabled representation in advertising is growing and Europe’s startups are leading the way, showing how inclusivity can really be the way forward in marketing.
  • 🐦 Mistakenly tagged Piers Morgan into your latest tweet (excuse the British inside joke here)? Twitter is testing a new ‘undo’ option for sent tweets. We are currently looking at the option of a short window of time after pressing ‘Tweet’ to recall your missive — perfect for any drunk-rage tweet that may be brewing inside you.
  • 💬 Earlier this year, TikTok was spotted testing a new Q&A feature that would allow creators to more directly respond to their audience’s questions using either text or video. The feature has now rolled out widely to everyone.
  • 💰A few weeks back Twitter announced Super Follows, a feature that could allow Twitter users to charge followers and give them access to extra content, such as access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support. The news has stirred quite a lot of debate — who would be looking to add another subscription to a free service? How can you make the packages ‘special enough’? only time will tell.
  • 😎 LinkedIn is developing a new program to support content creators on the platform. Last week, LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief Dan Roth posted a new job ad for a Head of Community, focused on supporting LinkedIn creators around the world, showing that the idea of creating a creator’s program is soon to be turning into reality.


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